Group Classes

PILATES (50 min.) Ever tried to find your neutral spinal position? This is your chance. Pilates is based on the usage of some essential principles like control, concentration, stability, respiration, precision, fluidity, and consistency for each movement you make.

POWER FIT (50  min.) This type of workout is ideal for those who want to burn fat. With circuit training you’ll be doing normal fitness workout but with no rest. Power fit training allows you to make a series of additional exercises while maintaining high heart rate and improving body coordination ability.

BODY FIT (60  min.) Body fit refers to the buttocks, abs and legs and aims at exercises to strengthen the muscles of these 3 regions of the body. The Body fit class is lively and motivating.

H-I.I.T. (HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING) This innovative form of aerobic exercise interweaves high-intensity exercises (such as sprint) with low intensity exercises (such as walking at a slow pace) or absolute rest. This style is derived from steady-rate (slow and steady) aerobic exercises that most people perform at a moderate intensity for 30 to 45 minutes.

CROSSEXTREME Is a training methodology that is based on varied functional movements of high intensity. It is a set of movements that we practice every day, like running, sitting or picking up objects. These movements are trained in sequence, exposing the athlete constantly to different types of training.

“You start to train when you feel like stopping”

LOW PRESSURE FITNESS Arises from the influence of several areas, such as Yoga, postural reeducation, neurodynamics, myofascial release, respiratory techniques and hypopressive technique. Suitable for injury prevention, optimization of physical performance, postpartum rehabilitation, improvement of Sexual function, increased sense of well-being and reduce waist circumference; This training system presents itself as an advantage for all who practice it, from sedentary individuals to elite athletes, men and women!

AQUA BIKE  It is a relaxed group class, where the static bike is in the water and takes advantage of the resistance of the bike to work muscles of the legs, arms and trunk. With low impact at the level of the joints, it provides a great variability of stimulus, movements and positions highly motivating for the practice of physical activity, besides the great caloric expenditure, combines cardiovascular and strength work.


YOGA (50  min.) Yoga is the oldest spiritual tradition in the world, dates around 5.000 years ago in India and works the entire being – body, mind and spirit – as no other system. The word “Yoga” means to join, to unit, and it’s through a structured method integrating asanas, breathing, relaxation, concentration and meditation that Yoga contributes for body and mind to function as one Unit and to realize the inner nature.