Pool Hangout Food

Main Course

Choose the base  White rice | Egg noodles Quinoa |
Mixed salad

2º Choose your favourites

Tofu, avocado, pineapple, chili, coriander, peanut, cucumber, carrot    (V, N) 12,00€

Cured salmon, avocado, alga nori, watercress, ginger, coriander, almond, cucumber, carrot (N) 14,00€

Braised tunafish, avocado, mango, edamame, chili, chives, almonds, cucumber, carrot (N) 14,00€

Shrimps, avocado, alga nori, watercress, coriader, cashew, cucumber, carrot (SH, N) 14,00€

Chicken, avocado, pineapple, watercress, corn, coriader, peanuts, cucumber, carrot (N) 13,00€

3º Choose the sauce
Ponzu | Soya and honey | Wasaby mayonaise | Coriander vinaigrette  | Yoghurt and lime

French fries                                                                                        
Tomato, mozzarella and pesto sauce (V,G, L, N) 12,00€

Ham and cheese  (G, L) 10,00€  

served in a bun, French fries                                                                                       
Fresh tuna fish (160g) – wakame seaweed, avocado, lime mayonnaise (G, L, N) 15,00€

Cheeseburger (200g) – 100% beef, Cheddar, lettuce and tomato (G, L) 13,00€

Martinhal (200g) – 100% beef, bacon, fried onion, Cheddar, lettuce and tomato (G, L) 15,00€

Chickpeas and spinach burger, salad, fried sweet potato (with bread) (V,G, L) 12,00€


Carrot, sweet potato and courgette (130ml) 3,20€

Quinoa purée, apple, banana, coconut oil (130ml) 3,20€

Boiled apple purée (130ml)  3,20€

Blueberry and pear purée (130ml) 3,20€


Hake purée with parsnip and spinach (150 ml)  3,20€

Lamb stew with vegetable purée (180ml)   3,20€


Vegetable cream soup 3,20€

Homemade breaded fish fillets, mashed potatoes and vegetables (G, L, E) 9,00€

Crispy small mozzarella balls, pesto sauce (G, L, N) 5,00 €

Sautéed seabass fillet, tomato sauce, Smile potatoes and vegetables (G, L) 9,00 €

Breaded chicken nuggets with almond, French fries and vegetables (G, N) 8,50 €

Grilled chichen breast, potato purée and vegetables (L) 9,00€

Penne pasta, butter sauce   (L)  4,00€

Penne pasta, tomato sauce and Parmesan (G, L)  6,00 € 

Spaghetti Bolognese 100% beef (G) 8,00 €

Beef burger in a bun, French fries and salad (G) 8,00 €

No excuses chocolate cake!
Vegan chocolate cake with redberries. Low calorie cake with rice flour and coconut sugar
 5,00€ Children  | 7,00€ Adults 

Cheesecake with fresh strawberries (G, L)  4,00€ Children | 6,00€ Adults   

Milk chocolate mousse (L, E)  4,00€ Children | 6,00€ Adults

Chocolate Opera (G, L, E, N) 4,00€ Children | 6,00€ Adults

Red Velvet  (G, L, E) 4,00€ Children | 6,00€ Adults
Brownie and yoghurt cream (G, L, E) 4,00€ Children | 6,00€ Adults

Banana bread and vegan cream cheese 4,00€ Children | 6,00€ Adults 

Seasonal sliced fruit selection 1 person 6,00 € | 2 persons 10,00€

Food ingredients
(G) Gluten . (L) Lactose . (N) Nuts . (SH) Shelfish . (E) Egg
(S) Spicy. (V)  Vegetarian

The dishes can also contain traces of: crustaceans, eggs, fishes, peanuts, soy, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulfites, lupine, mollusks. If you suffer from an allergy or have a special diet please inform us beforehand. All dishes food, drinks or couvert cannot be charge if not used or requested by the customer.